Good afternoon from Sheerwater
Temp (°C)0 00:00000:00-999.029 Aug999.029 Aug-999.029 Aug999.029 Aug
Press (mb)000:00000:000.029 Aug9999.029 Aug0.029 Aug9999.029 Aug
Humidity (%)0100029 Aug99929 Aug029 Aug99929 Aug

Facts & Figures since 1st January 2012
Temp33.2°C17:09hrs25 Jul 12-9.5°C07:32hrs11 Feb 12
Press1042.0mb20:32hrs07 Feb 12972.5mb14:42hrs14 Dec 12
RAINHeaviest downpour: 108.0mm/hr on 11 Aug 12Wettest day: 16.5mm on 29 Apr 12
Last day of rain(fall): 13 Sep 2012 (at 12:46hrs)* Rain days this year: 51    * Wet days this year: 33
Longest dry period: 83 days to 23 Dec 12Longest wet period: 15 days to 01 May 12
Days since it last rained: 83 daysLatest consecutive rain days: 0 days
WINDStrongest gust: 32Kts 05 Jan 12Windiest day: 05 Jan 12 (Wind run of 129.0nm)
FROSTAirfrosts this year: 27